On this page, we have assembled some random information that might be useful to you. From suggestions and recipes for our Granolas to instructions for our Oatmeals and Mueslis, to other information about the ingredients we use and thoughts about the food we prepare for you and your family.


How do we eat thee, let us count the ways!

Granola is, of course, delicious on its own or simply in a bowl with milk. But you can also use our Granolas over yoghurt, ice cream, fruit tarts, or just a baked apple. Then there are those who mix some Granola into their Oatmeals to add a bit of crunch.

And we also just enjoy it in a bowl as a nice afternoon snack on its own.


Oats can be soaked in advance to offer the highest profile of nutrient value, but if you are short on time, you can cook them right out of the package. If you soak them, we suggest soaking overnight with a bit of sweetener, for example organic maple syrup. Soaking decreases the cooking time and releases nutrients. If you soak your oats, cooking times will reduce by 50% or more, so be sure to shorten the time on the stove.

Cooking our Oatmeals without soaking is quick and easy.

For every cup of Oatmeal you are planning to prepare, bring 1.5 to 2 cups of water to a boil, along with a pinch of salt. (Very important!) If you like your oats firmer, use less water. For a creamier texture, a bit more water. Once the water is boiling, pour in the Oatmeal and reduce heat to low or medium heat. Slow cook the oatmeal for about 6-10 minutes and stir until all the liquid is absorbed. Cover for a few minutes and then serve with all of your favorite condiments.

Most of us at From The Fields’ add a little bit Maple Syrup and some fresh fruit to the oatmeal, but the possibilities are endless: you could add cinnamon, or nutmeg, raisins, currants, cranberries, mango pieces, (any dried fruit), we could go on and on! If you are a dairy eater, some folks like to add cream cheese in her oatmeal. Go figure, but it adds a lot of protein to the meal.

Everything we make and eat is organic; we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do making them for you!

These instructions can be applied to cooking our oatmeal offerings, which we regularly do. Wet to solid ratio is 1 part solid to 1-1/2-2 parts wet, depending on soaking time and cooking time.


Some simply pour milk over their Muesli and eat it like a cereal.

However, the traditional way calls for an overnight soak in yoghurt, nut milk, dairy of any kind or juice. Pour muesli and liquid into a bowl and cover, place in the refrigerator. The grains will absorb the liquid so in the morning add more to the mixture until creamy or to taste and serve with fresh seasonal fruit or dried fruit if off season.

Add maple syrup to sweeten if needed. Serve this festive and delightful meal anytime. Remember oats have a sedative quality and this makes all oat cereals an excellent bedtime snack.