For those that love chocolate for its bitter notes will love this hearty granola for its dense crunch and subtle sweetness. Desirable as it is nourishing, chocolate granola is the perfect accompaniment to a strenuous hike in the high country, or a long-term sweet tooth. Cracked rye is the secret of the recipe, its bitterness slowing time-released nutrients and consumption. Chocolate needs cheery company and whole hazelnuts encrusted in granola are a classic duo popularized in Europe around the 1500’s when confectioneries combined the two to create Nutella.

Figs predate all grain cultivation, which makes them the oldest sources of nutrition known to man and play a large part in development of civilization and religion. Revered as an ancient essence source for mankind, Siddhartha Gautama was thought to have meditated under an old fig tree called the Bodhi Tree or Sacred Fig Tree to gain enlightenment or Bodhi. The fig is so ancient that the fruit itself is a flower that is symbiotically pollinated by wasps and ants, which crawl inside to fertilize the ovarian tissue into fruit. Like an inside out flower, the fig is a strange manifestation of enlightenment itself, which is sexual purity and attachment to the physical realm. Inside the fig you may find enlightenment or a sweet nourishing food. May you share this enlightenment as you treat yourself, but be sure to chew your way thoroughly through this hearty chocolate granola?


Oats, Honey, Cracked Rye, Pumpkin seeds, Hazelnuts, Fig Pieces, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Beans, and Sea Salt.

Available Weights: 12 oz, 10 lbs, 25 lbs


Product Description

  • Rye clears liver stagnancy – cleansing and softening the arteries for easier blood flow and oxygen exchange.
  • Besides their intoxicating, delicate flavor that releases when roasted, hazelnuts help build lean skeletal and heart muscle, bones and teeth, and regulate metabolism with phytosterol oils, magnesium, manganese, thiamin, and calcium.
  • Mildly sweet dried fig pieces alkalize the intestine and detoxify the skin.
  • Figs also contribute substantial amounts of calcium, potassium and fiber to amplify the artery-cleansing effects from the rye and hazelnut.