Harry is a farmer and owner at Green Willow Farms in South Central Oregon. Our invitation is: Are you ready to be close to your food? Because the grains Harry and his farmhands grow are not shipped to a processor and are milled and packaged on site. Think of this small mindful footprint and allow yourself a feel good.

These oats are milled using a cold rolled process that allows the grain to stay intact. This minimal processing means the oats are raw, unlike most that are flaked after being heated to 166 degrees and rolled and put through a shaker process that allows the large to small scale oats that become thick, regular and quick oats available packaged on grocery shelves. Little to no bran or germ is left using this heat and shake processing method either. This is why we see bran and germ sold separately. Eating whole grains left intact allows All of the components necessary for complete digestion of proteins and minerals when eating oats. You need the outer layer (endosperm), the bran, the germ, all of it.