Loaded with naturally occurring minerals and protein, nutritional yeast is a delicious way to infuse flavor in a variety of meals. Soups, salads, casseroles, popcorn and dips are but a few dishes that can benefit from adding nutritional yeast. It will improve the flavor when added to a dish, and increase its health benefits.

  • GMO & Soy Free
  • Grain Based Production  & Fermentation Process
  • No Chemical Additives or Artificial Flavorings
  • Low Sodium
  • Rich in Vitamin B & Minerals


Organic Yeast Flakes, Rice Flour, Sea Salt

Available Sizes: 5.5 oz, 7 lbs, 13lbs


Product Description

Our Organic Nutritional Yeast is produced in Germany using a wholly organic nutrient solution made from organic grain, pure spring water and enzymes. All micro-organisms and raw materials are guaranteed to be non-GMO. The fermentation process uses no chemical additives and organic sunflower oil is used as an anti-foaming agent.

Conventional yeasts use Ammonium Salts, Acids (Sulfuric Acid) and Lyes (Caustic Soda Lye) and are fortified with synthetic vitamins and minerals, which is one of the main reasons we went to search for a certified Organic Nutritional Yeast and found this wonderful product.

The vitamin content per 100g of Organic Nutritional Yeast is:

Vitamin B1 – 1.2mg
Vitamin B2 – 2mg
Vitamin B5 – 2.7mg
Vitamin B6 – 0.8mg
Niacin – 8.6mg
Folic Acid – 450mcg