Our specialty food selection has grown slowly over the years to include offerings that were all requested by our customers. Some through partnering of ideas and others evolved through our gracious sourcing network. From the Fields’ provisions are (and always will be):

  • Conscious combinations of whole, organic ingredients that nourish the body and delight the pallet
  • Crafted in small batches, to ensure that only the freshest, additive-free foods reach your table
  • Made using the gentlest of methods to retain the nutrient properties of the ingredients in each customized blend
  • Ethically sourced from certified organic farmers

Honest above all else: if it’s in our foods, it’s on our labels

Organic, Raw, Gluten Free, Cold Rolled Whole Oats

Whole grain goodness. Direct from a small family farm in the Willemette Valley, Oregon. Whole grain cereals have been eaten for centuries without any of the health problems associated with modern day processing. Fresh grains left intact store better and retain a better nutrient profile for our bodies. Our cold rolled raw oats are just that, intact, from the endosperm or outer layer to the whole grain, bran and germ. All that is needed to properly digest and gain every bit of nutritional value.


INGREDIENTS: Organic, Raw, Gluten Free, Cold Rolled Whole Oats

Organic Hemp Seeds


INGREDIENTS:  Organic Hemp Seeds